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ABAP Workbench Testing Tools SAP

Workbench Testing Tools

Workbench testing tools are used to test, check and verify the codes entered in the SAP system by users. The important testing tools are used in Workbench are as follows-

  1. ABAP Debugger
  2. ABAP Runtime Analysis
  3. Performance Analysis

1. ABAP Debugger: – ABAP debugger executes the programs section by section, line by line and process the programs step by step. Debugger allows user to check the processing logic of the abap program and also users can check the outcome of statement in the programs.

ABAP debugger can start by using one of the following method.

  • Creating break point and then running the Advance Business Application Program (ABAP).
  •  ABAP program can be run directly in debugging mode.

      ABAP Debugger Functions : – The important functions of debugger are as follows.

  • It executes all the steps.
  • It displays internal table contents.
  • It process the programming debugging up to end of the program or next break point.
  • It execute the program line by line code.

2. ABAP Run Time Analysis

It is a tool used for optimize the programs. ABAP Run time analysis used to trace the performance of program and how long it takes to process ABAP code.

How to start run-time analysis SAP screen: – In SAP run-time analysis screen can be open by using one of the following method

  • By using transaction code “SE30
  • SAP Menu Path: –  SAP Menu > Tools > ABAP Workbench > Test > Runtime analysis.

3. Performance Analysis

Performance analysis is used to check the system perform while accessing database, performing locking activities, remotely calling reports and transactions. It is also used to track files which keeps the database access, calling reports and transactions.

Performance analysis SAP screen can be start by using one of the following method.

  • Transaction code: – SAP Menu >> Tools >> ABAP Workbench >> Test >> SQL Trace
  • SAP Menu Path: – ST05

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