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Assign Investment program types to Operative objects

Assignable Operative objects

The following SAP Training tutorials guides you how to “assign investment program types to operative objects” in SAP step by step. After creation of investment program types next step is assignment of operative objectives. It is mandatory the user to has to be determine what type of measures are allowed for assignment of positions during creation of investment program. Assignment is the key point of integration for investment management.

You can assign operative objective by using one of the following SAP navigation methods.

  1. SAP IMG path: – IMG -> Investment Management -> Investment programs -> Master data > Define program type
  2. Transaction code: – OIT3

Step 1 : – Enter transaction code “OIT3” in the SAP command field and enter.

Transaction code OIT3

Step 2: – From the investment program types overview screen a list of defined program types are displayed, select your program type and click on “assignable operative objects”

Assignable operative objectives

Step 3: – On the assignable operative objects screen, click on new entries to make the necessary assignments.

Assignable operative objectives new entries

Step 4: – On the new entries assignable screen, update the following objective types and press enter.

  • OR- Orders
  • PR- WBS element

Assign Investment program types to Operative objects

After updating the objective types as per organization requirement, click on save button to save the configured data. Successfully program types are assigned to operative objectives.