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Call Transaction and Batch Input Session Method Differences

Difference between Call Transaction Method and Batch Input Session Method in BDC

The following training tutorials explains the difference between call transaction and batch input session method.

Call Transaction MethodBatch Input session method
1. In this method, the following code is added to the BDC programcall transaction <T-code > using <bdc_tab> mode <mode> update <update >  method.1. In this method, the external data that entered to the SAP system is read by the program and the data is then stored in the batch input session.Once the program is created, the session is run using the transaction code, SM35. Function Modules such as BDC_OPEN, BDC_INSERT, BDC_CLOSE are used.
2. All the transactions are run at the time of processing itself, which means that the ABAP program must itself handle error handling2. Here the ABAP program creates a session with all the transactional data, the transaction SM35 is used so that this session can be viewed, scheduled and processed later. There is a built in error handling mechanism in this method.
3. Synchronous Processing – which means that transactions are processed only one after another, only after the previous transaction has been executed.3. Asynchronous Processing – which means that transactions may be processed simultaneously.The SAP R/3 system need not wait for a transaction to be processed before proceeding with the next.
4. The database may be updated both synchronously and asynchronously. Either of the two modes can be specified in the program.

4. Only Synchronous Database update.No transaction can be updated in the database until and unless the previous transaction has been updated.

5. There is no batch input processing log5. There  is Detailed Log which is generated for all sessions
6. The call transaction method starts chronologically from the first transaction during execution.6. The session method does not start from the first transaction and starts from any place where it has ended with an error.
7. Slightly faster than the batch input session method7. Slower than the call transaction method