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Costing Variants Configuration Steps SAP

Costing Variants Configuration in SAP

Cost Variant configuration in SAP- Cost estimates are linked to costing variants and helps in determining prices for cost estimates. Standard costing variants are available in the SAP system. Variant contains the parameters to control the overall costing of the products in organizations. You can create new variant as per your business requirements.  let see how to define costing variant.

SAP IMG Path: – SPRO >> IMG >> Product cost controlling >> Product cost planning >> Material cost estimate with quantity structure >> Define costing variants

Transaction Code: – OKKN

Step 1: –  Click on new entries to create your own costing variants in SAP.

costing variants new entriesUpdate the following data.

  • Enter the name and description of costing variants
  • Choose the options like control, Qty struct., Additive costs, Update, Assignments, Misc. that you wants to update the information

costing variant

Select control option and update the following fields as shown below

control costing type

Select the Qty Struct option tab  and update the following fields

Qty Struct Costing variants

Select Additive Costs tab and update the following fields as shown below

Additive costs costing variants

Select update option tab and update the following fields

Update Costing variantsClick on save icon to save the data. Select Assignment and update the required assignments

assignments costing variantsAfter updating all the required data as per your business needs, click on save icon to save the configured data.

Lets see how to create new costing variant by coping an existing variants.

Select the costing variant that has same costing type and click on copy as icon

Costing Variants Configuration Steps in SAPChange the costing variant name and description and save the data. Costing type and valuation variant are not changeable.

Successfully we have define costing variants configuration step by step in SAP.