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Create Purchase Requisition (PR) for Stock Material in SAP

Purchase Requisition for Stock Material

Purchase requisition (PR) is an internal request to purchasing.  You ask the buyer to provide a certain quantity of a material or service on a certain date. A purchase requisition can be created automatically by Material Requirement Planning (MRP) or manually created.

PR is created to indicate purchase department to procure materials or services with details like how much quantity is required, what type of materials or services to be purchased, when required.

SAP R/3 Menu Path: – SAP menu > Logistics > Materials Management > Purchasing > Purchase Requisition > Create
Transaction Code: –   ME51N –  Create PR
                                          ME52N – Change PR
                                          ME53N – Display PR

Step 1: – On the Create Purchase Requisition screen, enter the following entries 

  1. Select document type for PR
  2. Enter material code in the material field
  3. Enter quantity of material
  4. Update delivery date
  5. Enter respective plant code
  6. Enter corresponding storage location
  7. Enter requisitioner user id

create purchase requistion

Step 2: – Update purchase requisition text such as Department Account number, Signature by an Authorized Department, Delivery instructions, terms and conditions, references etc. 

pr header text

After updating all the mandatory fields, click on save button to save the purchase requisition.