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Create Purchasing Info Records

Purchasing Info Records

SAP Purchasing Training guides how to create purchasing information records in SAP. Purchasing info records are created for different procurement types such as standard, subcontracting, pipeline, consignment. It is used store information on a vendor and a material as master data at plant level or  purch. org.

SAP Path: – SAP Easy Access > Logistics > Materials Management > Purchasing > Master Data > Info Record > Create

Transaction Code: – ME11 – Create
                                         ME12 – Change
                                         ME13 – Display

Step 1: – In the initial screen Create info records, enter the following information.

create info recods initial screen

In next screen, no need to enter any information as it copies all the data from the Vendor Master.

create info recods general data

Step 2:– In next screen, update the following data.

  1. Enter delivery time and purchase organization is defaulted from the Material Master 
  2. Enter the Standard Quantity 
  3. Enter the appropriate Tax Code
  4. Rem. Shelf life is defaulted from the Material Master.
  5. Enter the Net Price

create info recods purchasing organisation data

Create info record: purch organization data 2

create info recods

Purchase order text is defaulted from the Material Master data.

create info recods data

After updating the mandatory fields, click on save icon to save the data.