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How to Create sample Account in SAP

Create Sample Account

The following training tutorials guides you how to crate sample account in SAP FICO step by step.

You can create sample account by using one of the following navigation method.

  • Transaction code: – FSM1
  • SAP Menu –> Accounting –> Financial Accounting –> General Ledger –> Master records –> GL Accounts –> Sample Account –> Create (Create sample Account in SAP )
SAP Tutorials

SAP Training Tutorials

Menu Path for creation of Sample account in SAP.

Menu Path - Create sample Account

Menu Path – Create sample Account

Step 1 : -Enter transaction code “FSM1” in the sap command field and enter.

transaction code fsm1

Step 2: – On the initial sample account creation screen, update the following fields.

  1. Sample account: – Enter the sample account key that you want to create
  2. Chart of accounts: – Update the chart of account key that account belongs to COA.

create sample account initial screen

Step 3: – On control screen, update the following details.

  • Name of sample account: – Update the descriptive name of the sample account
  • Field status group: – Update the field status variant from the drop down list.

After updating the details, click on save button and save the created sample account.