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Creation of New Company in SAP

How to Create Company in SAP

The following SAP training guides how to create new company in SAP step by step.

what is company in SAP: – Company is the highest organizational unit for which financial statements like balance sheets, profit&loss statements can be drown according the needs of organizations. A single company contains one or many company codes. All the company codes in SAP must use  same COA (chart of accounts) and fiscal year.

Lets learn how to create company in SAP step by step.

Step 1: – Update t-code “SPRO” in SAP command field and enter.


Step 2: – In next screen execute project, select “SAP Reference IMG” (short cut function key F5)

SAP Reference IMG - CRM Systems

Step 3: – In next screen display img, follow the path and double click on “Define company”

Enterprise Structure >> Definition >> Financial Accounting >> Define company

Step 3: – In next screen Companies list will be displayed, you can create new company either selecting new entries or copying from existing company. Here we are defining new company code by selecting new entries.

SAP Reference IMG - CRM Systems

Step 4: – On new entries screen, update the following details.

  1. Company: – Update the six character alphanumeric key that identifies the company in SAP.
  2. Company Name: – Update name of the company.
  3. Street: – Update the street address, that the company is located.
  4. PO Box: – Update post box number.
  5. City: – Update the city name
  6. Country: – Update the country code that the company is located, if company is located at India – IN, United States- US, United Kingdoms – UK.
  7. Language Key: – Update the default language key for company
  8. Currency: – Update the local currency key, for e.g. USD, INR, EURO, etc.

How to Create New Company in SAP

Thus new company in SAP is created.