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Daily Transactional Codes

Daily Transactional Codes (T-codes)

The following SAP training tutorials guides you how to maintain daily transactional codes in SAP. Users  has to perform various transactional codes on his daily needs, so he needs to remember various transaction code to perform his daily activities.

You can use transactional codes (t-codes) by various options, lets learn how to use transactional codes.

Process 1: – Enter transaction code in Command field.

Enter transaction code in the SAP command field and enter, and process your transactions.

Daily Transactional Codes sap

Process 2: – Accessing transaction from SAP Easy Access.

If you don’t know exactly t-code for your transaction, you can access your transaction by following the SAP menu path from easy access. Below the SAP screen shot shown menu path for “how to create Purchase requisition”

Daily Transactional Codes SAP Easy access

Process 3: – Adding transaction codes to favorite folder

SAP has given some functionality to access transaction t-codes directly from your favorite folder.  Read more for how to insert t-codes to your favorite folder.

Daily Transactional Codes favorites

There are different methods to open screen by using t-codes.

  • /n+ Transaction code (NME51) – You can use N before transaction code to open screen in same session
  • /o+ Transaction code (OME51) – Use O before transaction code to open new session like new window.