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Define Bills of Materials BOM Usages

Define BOM Usages

The following steps guides you how to define bills of materials (BOM) in SAP step by step. Standard BOM usage are defined in SAP, new bills of materials usages can be created as per your business requirements

SAP IMG Path: – IMG >> SAP Reference IMG >> SAP Customizing Implementation Guide >> Production >> Basic data >> Bill of materials >> General data >> BOM Usage >> Define BOM Usages

define bom usage

Click on “New to entries” to define new BOM usages

bom new entries

  • Enter Alpha Numeric value in the BOM usage field
  • Select “+” or “-” “.” in th fields engineering, spare, plant maintenance,(PM), sales and cost relevancy(CostRel).
  • Enter BOM usage text


Click on save icon to save the data and enter your customizing request number.

customizing request number

Successfully new BOM usage is created.