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Define Document Number Ranges in SAP

Document number ranges are defined at the specific interval with in which documents should be created in SAP and document number ranges depends upon company code and valid for the defined year. We can assign one or more document types to each number range. The number range becomes effective by the document type specified in document entry and posting

Steps to Define Document Number Ranges in SAP

T-Code to Maintain document number ranges :- FBN1

IMG Menu Path :-

Implementation Guide > Financial Accounting > Global Settings > Documents > Document Number Range > Define Document number range


Step 1 :– Enter T-Code SPRO in the Command Field of the SAP Easy Access Menu Screen and press enter key on the Keyboard



Step 2 :– In next screen click on Click SAP Reference IMG 



Step 3 :- Follow the menu path as per below screen shot.



Step 4 :– In next screen update company code and click on change intervals


Step 5 :–  Next Click on Insert Interval



Step 6 :- Lets create number range for document type “AA”

1. No :– Update the Number range code of document type AA

2. Year :- Enter Year

3. From Number :– Enter from number

4. To Number :- Enter To Number

5. Current Number :- By default the current number will be “0”

6. Ext :- Type of number assignment i.e for Internal or External

7. Save :- Click on save icon to save the settings

8. Interval :- Click on Interval to maintain the number range for another document type



Document number ranges are successfully configured in SAP