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Define SAP MRP Controllers – Material Requirement Planning

Define SAP MRP

The following SAP MRP training tutorial guides you how to define MRP (Material Requirement Planning) controllers in SAP MM  step by step with screen shots.

Material master for the stock material should exist in the SAP system and no stock can be maintained without a material master. Material Requirement Planning helps to monitor stocks in an particularly or automatically to create procurement proposal for purchasing and productions. So SAP MRP are planned for each plant and every plant has its own MRP data.

Configuration Steps :-

Step 1: – Enter transaction code (t-code) “SPRO” in the command field and press enter.

Step 2: – In next screen execute project, select “SAP Reference IMG”

Step 3: – Follow the menu path and execute SAP MRP Controllers

IMG Menu Path : – SPRO >> IMG >> Production >> Material Requirement Planning >> Master Data >> Define MRP Controllers

Define SAP MRP Controllers - Material Requirement Planning

 Click on “New Entries” icon to define new SAP MRP controllers as per your business requirements.

SAP Material Requirement Planning Controllers

Update the following information 

> Plant: – Update your plant key in the plant field,

> MRP controller: – Enter MRP key and description

> Telephone: – Update the telephone number for contact.

Define MRP Controllers - Material Requirement Planning

 After maintaining all the mandatory fields fields, click on save to save the configured data.

You will get a message as “Data was saved”, successfully SAP MRP controllers are configured.