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Define Posting Keys in SAP FICO | Account type SAP

Define Posting Keys

Posting Keys :–  Posting key in SAP is a two digits numerical key that determines the type of transaction entered in a line item 

Posting Keys Determines :-

1. Account Types ( A, D, K, M, S )

2. Type of postings i.e Debit or Credit

Account Types in SAP :-

1. Assets

2. General Ledger

3. Customer

4. Vendor

5. Material

Account Type Customer posting keys :-

Posting KeyDescriptionAccount Type Debit/Credit
1InvoiceCustomer Debit
2Reverse credit memoCustomer Debit
3Bank chargesCustomer Debit
4Other receivablesCustomer Debit
5Outgoing paymentCustomer Debit
6Payment differenceCustomer Debit
7Other clearingCustomer Debit
8Payment clearingCustomer Debit
9Special G/L debitCustomer Debit
11Credit memoCustomer Credit
12Reverse invoiceCustomer Credit
13Reverse chargesCustomer Credit
14Other payablesCustomer Credit
15Incoming paymentCustomer Credit
16Payment differenceCustomer Credit
17Other clearingCustomer Credit
18Payment clearingCustomer Credit

Account Type General Ledger Posting Keys

Posting KeyDescriptionAccount Type Debit/Credit
40Debit entryG/L Debit
50Credit entryG/L Credit
80Stock initial entryG/L Debit
81CostsG/L Debit
83Price differenceG/L Debit
84ConsumptionG/L Debit
85Change in stockG/L Debit
86GR/IR debitG/L Debit
90Stock initial entryG/L Credit
91CostsG/L Credit
93Price differenceG/L Credit
94ConsumptionG/L Credit
95Change in stockG/L Credit
96GR/IR creditG/L Credit

Account Type Asset Posting Keys

Posting KeyDescription Debit/Credit
70Debit AssetDebit
75Credit AssetCredit

Account Type Material Posting Keys

Posting KeyDescriptionAccount Type Debit/Credit
89Stock inward movementMaterial Debit
99Stock outward movementMaterial Credit

Account Type Vendor Posting Keys

Posting KeyDescriptionAccount Type Debit/Credit
21Credit memoVendor Debit
22Reverse invoiceVendor Debit
24Other receivablesVendor Debit
25Outgoing paymentVendor Debit
26Payment differenceVendor Debit
27ClearingVendor Debit
28Payment clearingVendor Debit
29Special G/L debitVendor Debit
31InvoiceVendor Credit
32Reverse credit memoVendor Credit
34Other payablesVendor Credit
35Incoming paymentVendor Credit
36Payment differenceVendor Credit
37Other clearingVendor Credit
38Payment clearingVendor Credit
39Special G/L creditVendor Credit

Posting key Configuration Steps :- Transaction Code – OB41

Step 1 :– Enter T-Code SPRO in the Command Field and press enter



Step 2 :- Click SAP Reference IMG


Step 3 :- Follow the IMG Menu path

SPRO > Implementation Guide –> Finance Accounting –> Finance Accounting Global Settings –> Documents –> Line Item –> Controls –>   Define Posting Keys

Define Posting Keys in SAP FICO

 Step 4 :– Click on Create Icon

Define Posting Keys in SAP FICO

Step 5:- Update two digits numerical key code in the Posting key field and update name of the posting key in the name of the posting key field

Define Posting Keys in SAP FICO


Step 6 :- Update the following data

1. Debit/Credit indicator :– Select the debit or credit 

2. Account Type :- Select appropriate account type 

3. Other attributes :- Select appropriate attribute i.e Sales related or Special G/L

4. Reversal Posting Key :- Update the reversal posting key

Define Posting Keys in SAP FICO


Step 7 :- click on save icon


Posting key successfully configured in SAP

Posting KeyName Debit/Credit
70Debit assetAsset Debit
75Credit assetCredit

Interview Questions :-

What is posting key and what does it control?