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Define Variant for Open and Close Posting Periods | SAP OB52

This FICO Tutorials Guides you how to Define Variant for Open and Close Posting Periods

Purpose of Open and Close Posting periods Configuration:-

The posting periods can be maintained as per account type and the year which is to be open & which is to closed. The Posting Period Variant is used to control which accounting period is to be open for posting and ensuring that closed periods are remain balanced and reconciled.

Path for Define open and close posting periods:- 

 Implementation Guide for R/3 Customizing (IMG)  –> Finance Accounting –> Finance Accounting Global Settings –> Documents –> Posting Period –> open and close posting periods.

Transaction code open and close posting periods :- OB52

Step 1 :-Type SPRO in the Command Field of the SAP Easy Access Menu Screen and press Enter key on the Keyboard



Step 2 :-  Click SAP Reference IMG 



Step 3 :-  In next screen follow the menu path to Define Variant for open and close posting periods



Step 4 :- Click on New entries to Define Variant for Open and Close Posting Periods.


 Step 6 :- In Next screen update the required data as described belowppv7

1.Variant:– Enter four digits Posting Period variant Code

2. A:– Select Account Type ( A )
        + = Valid for all Account Types (masking) 
                  A = Assets
                  D = Customers (A/R)
                  K = Vendors (A/P)
                  M = Materials
                  S = General Ledger Accounts. 
3.From Account:- Keep Blank

4.To Account:– Update Account

5. From Period 1:– Enter Starting Period

6.Year:- Enter Year

7.To Period:– Enter Ending Period

8.Year:–  Enter Year

9.From Period 2:– Enter First Special Period

10.Year:– Enter Year

11.To Period:- Enter Special Period

12.Year:- Enter Year

13.Authorization group ( AuGr ):- You can assign authorization groups in which some periods can only be opened for particular users.

14. Click on save icon to save the defined open and close posting periods

Thus Open and Close Posting Periods are configured in SAP.