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What does ERP Stands for | ERP full form | ERP Meaning

What does ERP Stands for, ERP full form, ERP Meaning

ERP is the world largest enterprise software used for controlling the business processes and let’s define what does ERP stands for and meaning of ERP?

 ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was coined by Gartner Group in the 1960s.

        “Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software places its focus on integrating an organization’ departments and functions (HR, logistics, Sales, Finance, Production etc) into a single and integrated computer system that aims to serve all those department teams’ needs.

What does ERP stands for enterprise resource planning

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Major components of ERP

What does erp stands for

What does does ERP mean

In the 1990’s,Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP uses multi-module application software for improving the performance of the business processes. ERP systems integrates with business activities across functional departments, from production planning, parts purchasing, inventory control, product distribution, fulfillment, to order tracking resources. This led to the evolution of ERP System. Also read what does SAP stands for.

What does ERP software do

ERP software helps to implement all the functions of a company and it enables to plan, track, utilize all the resources of company. By using Enterprise Resource Planning software you can manage a company by collecting, organizing and reporting information throughout the business process.

Common ERP Modules

The major benefits of  ERP systems are: better customer satisfaction, better information, high productivity, better quality and decreases in time to market, delivery time, inventory levels etc.

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