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How to create Activity Types in SAP

Create Activity Types

The following training tutorials guides how to create activity types in SAP step by step.

IMG Path: – SPRO > IMG > Controlling > Cost center accounting > Master data > Activity Types > Create Activity Types.

Step 1: – Enter transaction code SPRO in the command field and enter.


Step 2: – In customizing execute project screen select SAP Reference IMG.

sap reference IMG

Step 3: – In next screen, follow the path and double click on create activity types.

create activity types path

On the choose activity screen, select create activity type.

create activity type

Enter your controlling key.

set controlling area

On new entries screen, update the following fields.

1. Activity type: – Enter the activity type key.

2. Valid from: – Enter the valid from and to fields.

create activity type in sap

On the basic screen, update the following fields.

  1. Name: – Enter name of the activity type.
  2. Description: – Enter the descriptive name of activity type.
  3. Activity unit: – Enter the activity type unit.
  4. CCtr categories: – Update categories type.
  5. AType Category: – Update AType category.
  6. Mark the average price.

How to create Activity Types in SAP

After updating all the mandatory fields, click on save button to save the entries. Successfully activity types are created in SAP.