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How to create Bank Key in SAP

Create bank key

SAP R/3 Path :- Accounting –> Financial Accounting –> Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable –> Master Records –> Bank –> Create

Step 1 : – Enter transaction code FI01 in the SAP command field and enter

bank keyStep 2 : – Update the following fields and enter

  1. Enter the Bank country
  2. Enter the new Bank key which you want to create.

bank cntry

Step 3:- In next SAP screen, update the Bank key address

  1. Enter Bank name
  2. Select appropriate region from the list
  3. Enter the Bank street address
  4. Enter Bank location city
  5. Enter the Branch name

bank addressIn the control data section

  1. Enter Bank swift code
  2. Enter bank group
  3. Enter Bank number

bank control data

After updating all the data, click on save icon to save the configured data, successfully you have created Bank key.

bank in