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How to Create Sales Area in SAP SD

This Training Tutorial guides you how to create sales area in SAP

Steps to Create Sales Area in SAP :-  

IMG Menu path :- 

SPRO > SAP Customizing Implementation Guide > Enterprise Structure > Assignment > Sales and Distribution > Set up Sales Area 

 Step 1 :-

Enter Transaction Code SPRO in the Command Field


Step 2 :

           Click on SAP Reference IMG


 Step 3 :-

        Follow the Menu Path and click on Set up Sales Area execute Icon


 Step 4 :-

        Click on New entries for Assignment between Sales Organisation, Distribution Channel and Division


Step 5 :– Enter the following details and Enter

  1. Update Sales Orgnisation key in the SOrg. field
  2. Update the distribution channel key in the Dchl field and
  3. Update division key in the DV field


Step 6 :-  Click on Save Icon