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Maintain Asset Number Ranges – AS08

The following training tutorial takes you how to Maintain Asset Number Ranges in SAP Asset accounting.

SAP R/3 Menu path : – IMG –> Financial Accounting –> Asset Accounting –> Organisational Structure –> Asset Classes –> Define Number range Interval

Transaction Code : – AS08

Step 1 : – Enter T Code AS08 in SAP command field and press enter

Asset Number Ranges T code AS08

Enter Company code and click on change interval

asset number ranges

Step 2 : – In next screen, select insert interval (Shift+F1)

Maintain Asset Number Ranges - insert interval

Update the following data

1. Enter the number to identity the number ranges

2. Update the starting number of asset number

3. Update the end number of asset number range

4. By default the current number will be “0”.

5. Select Ext option if you want this number range for external assignment.

maintain asset number ranges

After updating all the required data, choose save icon and again choose save icon to save the data. you have successfully maintained asset number ranges.