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Maintain Depreciation Key in SAP

Maintain Depreciation Key

Access the transaction by using the following navigation option.

SAP IMG Path: – SPRO > IMG > Financial accounting (new) > Asset Accounting > Depreciation > Valuation Methods > Depreciation Key > Maintain depreciation key.

Enter chart of depreciation key and press enter to continue.

choose chart of depreciation

It is sufficient to use the system defined keys for all business purpose, click on new entries to define new keys as per business requirements.

depreciation key

On the “new entries: details of added entries screen, enter new depreciation key and its description. 

depreciation key entries

Click the assignment of calculation procedure and enter the following information.

Maintain Depreciation Key in SAP

Choose save button to save the configured depreciation key.

Go back and click on activate key to activate depreciation key.

activate depreciation key

Choose save icon to save the data.