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Package Builder in SAP ABAP Workbench

Package Builder

Package builder is one of the important tool used for implementation in ABAP workbench. Package is a development object that stores the objects such as menus, screens, functional modules, transactions etc. Package builder is used to develop and maintaining development classes,  classes and transfer objects to other packages.

Package Builder Tasks: – The important tasks performed by package builder tools are as follows –

  1. Defining packages interface for users and restricting the use of interface for selected users.
  2. Defining user access for use of service from other package.
  3. Creating packages and sub packages.
  4. Define hierarchy of package
  5. Defining interface for user package.

Package Builder Types: – Package builder creates two types of  packages.

  1. Provider package also known as server package.
  2. User package also known as Client package.

Server Package: – It provides development tools such as BAPIs, Classes, Programs, Functional modules, types etc. Provider package tasks: – The tasks performed by server package are as follows-

  • Creation of package and define a hierarchy.
  • It help to access the content of one package from another package through package interface.

Client package: – In user user package you define user access for the visible of service of other packages. User package tasks: – The tasks performed by client package are as follows-

  • Similar to server package, the client package provides a structure for package.

How to start package builder Package builder can be started by using following method Enter transaction code “SE21” or “SAPCKAGE”in the SAP command field and press enter, then SAP screen opens with title “Initial screen package builder”.

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