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SAP BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface)

What is BAPI

BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface) is a standard SAP application interface that helps to integrate non SAP applications with the SAP business process and enables providing the data entry in to the SAP system.

BAPI is a standard programming interfaces that enables the external access to business process in the SAP system. It is configured and stored as a RFC (Remote Function Call) enabled modules in the functional builder of SAP ABAP workbench an it helps to perform the automatic tests with out using any UI (user Interface)

SAP BAPI is a remotely enabled system fore remote programs like webinterfaces, programs and mobile apps. Business Application Programming Interface consists set of input & output parameters and set of tables. The code in the BAPI takes input parameters and process the queries, operations and send back the data. BAPIs in the SAP systems are implemented as a functional modules and every module with BAPIs that supports the RFC protocol.

BAPI’s are used for reading the queries, creating, deleting and editing operations. BAPI explorer helps to access with the collections of BAPIs in the system which are grouped in Hierarchical and Alphabetical. Each Business Application Programming Interface explorers is provided with options like Details, Documentation, Tools and Project.

SAP BAPI Explorer

Standard BAPIs functions screen can be accessed by using transaction code “BAPI” or Menu path.

Path: – SAP Menu >> Tools >> Workbench >> overview >> Application hierarchy >> BAPI explorer

BAPI is capable of doing business activities like sales order creation, purchase order creation, purchase requisition creation, creating a customer, etc.