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SAP BW Data Flow Process

Process of SAP BW Data Flow

The following SAP BW training guides about SAP BW data flow, how the data flows and what are the important objects that are involved in the data flow.

  • The source system can be any- sap system or non systems, database connect and Flat file.
  • The data flow can be same for all the source system.
  • The data transfers from source system to data source with the help of IP (Info package)
  • Then the data move from data source to info provider with the help of DTP (data transfer process) and Transformation.

SAP BW Data Flow Process Steps and MethodsTypes of Info providers

  • Infocube- It store data in multidimensional way, it contains multiple tables in tart schema format.
  • Data Store Object (DSO): -DSO store the data in to two dimensional way similar  to tables. The main functions of DSO is to utilize the overwrite functionality, maintain the image and act as backup.
  • Multiproviders: – It enables the cubes to union among them. It provides the better reporting base.

Data Source: –

Data source specifies what data to be extracted from the source systems. So the data is extracted is specific as per client requirements.

Persistent Staging Area: –

It is a two dimensional tables that is used to rectify the records before transferring to the info providers.

Source System: –

It is a place where the organization stores all the data. The source system can be SAP system or non sap systems or a flat file.

Transformation (T): – The data is transferred from data source info records with suitable format for reporting.

Data transfer Process (DTP): – It used to handle the flow between data source to info provider.