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SAP BW Interview Questions – Business Warehouse

SAP BW interview questions

  1. What is ERP SAP?
  2. Explain ASAP Methodology?
  3. What is SAP BW?
  4. What is a spool request, transport ?
  5. What are extractor types?
  6. What are return tables?
  7. Explain V1, V2, V3 updates? and  differences between them ?
  8. what is Direct delta and Queued delta?
  9. Explain about meta chain?
  10. What is open hub service?
  11. How to  optimize the dimensions?
  12. What are the different types of updates modes?
  13. Explain about BW architecture?
  14. What is business explorer (BEX) analyzer?
  15. What are the variables in BEX
  16. What is VBA ( Visual basic applications)
  17. Explain  LO Extraction process steps.
  18. What are the steps for LO cockpit extraction?
  19. What are the functions of  LO Cockpit?
  20. What is SUMCT, SUMGT, SUMRT ?
  21. What is NODIM?
  22. What are the advantages of using business content?
  23. What is infoset query and how do you create  infoset query?
  24. What is navigational attribute?
  25. What is display attribute?
  26. What do you know about transfer rules?
  27. How to debug transfer rules?
  28. What is operational data store (ODS) ?and explain its importance?
  29. What is transaction data, master data?
  30. Explain the data flow in business warehouse?
  31. How to check the size of infocubes?
  32. what are the tables the persistant stagging area consists ?
  33. How the data updated in persistant stagging area  and infocube?
  34. What is InfoPackages, how to create InfoPackages?
  35. What is star schema and BI data model?
  36. What are the tables uses in star routines?
  37. Where do you use ABAP codes in SAP BW?
  38. Explain the steps to create classes in Business warehouse.
  39. How do you install BW statistics and what is the use of statistics?
  40. How to optimize the dimensions?