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SAP CO Module Overview

SAP CO overview

SAP CO module is one of the important in SAP. Controlling is a function which provides you with information for business analysis and management decision making process. CO facilitates organizational management, monitoring and optimization of all processes in an organization

Controlling component provides tools used to provide information to support business analysis  and decision making.

SAP CO (Controlling) Organisational Structure

sap co module

SAP CO (Controlling) Sub modules

  1. Overhead cost controlling
  2. Product cost controlling
  3. Profit center accounting

Overhead Cost Accounting :- Overhead cost accounting used to plan, control and monitors overhead costs and it examines the cause of costs in the functional areas of an enterprise. Example – Cost center

Product cost controlling :- Product cost controlling used for calculating and evaluating the cost of goods manufacture for a product.

Profit center accounting :– Profit center accounting used to calculate the profit area of responsibility with in the organization. eg. branch.