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SAP FICO Interview Questions and Answers

Here a List of SAP Fico Interview questions  for beginners and professionals. Refer below SAP FICO interview questions and answers one by one to be get prepared well for telephonic interviews and face to face interviews.

If you are new to SAP FICO, refer SAP FICO training material step by step configuration guide with real time scenarios, explanation and screen shots.

SAP FICO Interview Questions & Answers

SAP Tutorials

SAP Tutorials

  1. what is SAP R/1, R/2, R/3 ? or Difference between R/1,R/2,R/3 ?
  2. What is Financial Accounting SAP ?
  3. what are Organisational Units in SAP ?
  4. Describe Organisational Structure in SAP ?
  5. What is a Company in SAP ?
  6. What is a Company Code in SAP
  7. What are the Organisational Elements in SAP FI and Describe them ?
  8. What are the Important Global settings for a Company code in SAP ?
  9. What is a Business Area ?
  10. What is IBAN Number in SAP ?
  11. Can you assign more than One Company Code to a Company ?
  12. What is a Posting Key and What does it control in SAP ?
  13. What are the Sub modules in SAP Financial Accounting (FI) ?
  14. What is a Functional Area in SAP ?
  15. What is a Credit Control Area in SAP ?
  16. Relation between a Controlling Area and a Company code?
  17. What is a Chart of Accounts and types of COA in SAP ?
  18. What are the Major Components of Chart of Accounts ?
  19. What is a Country Chart of Accounts ?
  20. What is an Operating Chart of Accounts in SAP ?
  21. What is a Corporate chart of Accounts  and its purpose ?
  22. Which COA is used for day to day postings ?
  23. How many Chart of Accounts can be assign to one company code ?
  24. What is a Fiscal Year ?
  25. What is a Fiscal Year Variant ?
  26. Which transaction code is used to assign a fiscal year to a company code ?
  27. What is a Posting period and how does the system identifies posting period?
  28. What is a Posting period variant ?
  29. What is Opening and Closing Posting Periods?
  30. What is a year dependent and independent fiscal year variant?
  31. How Does Postings Happen in MM during Special Periods?
  32. How many currencies can be configured for a company code?
  33. What is a Year Shift/Displacement in Fiscal Year?
  34. What is a Shortend Fiscal Year?
  35. Can you explain how do you carry forward Account Balances?
  36. What is a Retained Earning account? and how many retained earning accounts can be defined in SAP System?
  37. What is a Field Status group?
  38. What is a Local Currency and Parallel Currency?
  39. What is an exchange rate?

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