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SAP FICO tables | SAP FI Tables List

SAP Tables – SAP FICO Important tables

SAP FICO Tables- SAP Tables are used to stored the data when you enter some data in a screen. Sometime more than one table linked to a particular screen. As a SAP fico consultant it is mandatory you should to know the table in the SAP software and its data structure.

SAP FI Tables

The Important tables of SAP FI tables as follows

SAP Tables – Enterprise structure

SAP Company-CodeT001
Countries in SAPT005
SAP Currency-codesTCURC
Exch-rate in SAPTCURR
Currency-name in SAPTCURT
G/L Account-groupT077S
Fiscal year variants in SAPT009
Global-company-data in SAPT880
Credit-control-area SAPT014
SAP Chart of accounts (COA)T004
SAP Posting-period-variant (PPV)T010O
Posting period variant names in SAPT010P
Permitted posting periods in SAPT001B
Document-types in SAPT003
House-banks in SAPT012


SAP FI G/L Tables

Chart of accounts segment GL master dataSKA1
Company code segment G/l master dataSKB1
Bank master record in SAPBNKA
SAP Accounting documents headerBKPF
Bank master record SAPBNKA
Accounting documents header in SAPBKPF


SAP Accounts Receivable Table

Bank detailsKNBK
Contact personsKNVK
Customer hierarchyKNVH
Customer master tax indicatorKNVI
Customer master—Company code dataKNB1
Customer master—General dataKNA1
Customer master—Sales dataKNVV
Customer partnersKNVP
Shipment data for customerKNVS


SAP FI Accounts payable tables

Bank detailsLFBK
Purchasing dataLFM2
Purchasing organization dataLFM1
Vendor dunning dataLFB5
Vendor master—Company code dataLFB1
Vendor master—General dataLFA1


SAP tables – Assets Accounting

Asset classes: Depreciation areaANKB
Asset classes: DescriptionANKT
Asset classes: General dataANKA
Asset line itemsANEP
Asset master record user fieldsANLU
Document header asset postingANEK
Time-dependent asset allocationANLZ


SAP CO Tables

Important tables of SAP CO are as follows.

Cost Center Accounting tables 

Cost center master dataCSKS
Cost center textsCSKT
Assignment of work center to cost centerCRCO
Cost totals for external postingsCOSP
Line items (by period)COEP
Document headerCOBK
Price totalsCOST


Profit center Accounting tables

Actual line items – Profit centerGLPCA
Object table for account – Profit centerGLPCO
Plan line items – Profit centerGLPCP
Transaction attributes – Profit centerGLPCC
Profit center master data tableCEPC
Texts for profit center master dataCEPCT