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SAP HR Interview Questions and Answers

SAP HR Interview Questions ( Human Resource Q&A)

The most important part for job seekers is to have a successful at interview for a job. Here a list of SAP HR interview questions and answers which are asked in job interviews for freshers and experienced.

  1. What is internal Recruitment ?
  2. What is the purpose of creating symbolic a/c, Can we assign one symbolic a/c to multiple wage types ?
  3. What is the role of a administrator in Personnel Administration?
  4. How to group employees for their allowances in payroll?
  5. What are the other modules integrated with Organisational Management?
  6. What are the important sub-modules in SAP HR?
  7. what is retroactive accounting period in sap hr
  8. What is Earliest Retroactive Accounting Period
  9. what is the personnel calculation rule (PCR)?
  10. What is the Collective Agreement Provision (CAP)?
  11. Explain difference between CAP and PCR ?
  12. How to create new personnel sub area ?
  13. How do you run payroll?
  14. What is payroll area and uses of payroll area?
  15. Explain difference between US and Indian Payroll?
  16. What is meant by a control record in Payroll?
  17. What is an applicant group and unsolicited applicant group?
  18. What is Payroll area and pay scale area ?
  19. What is off cycle payroll and its importance ?
  20. what are dynamic actions and how do you create Dynamic actions in SAP?
  21. How do you restrict the data to be entered in SAP payroll area?
  22. What is Recruitment Cycle?
  23. How do you assign employee to two different company codes?
  24. What is a counting rule?
  25. What is absence type and absence quota type ?
  26. What is an Info-type ?
  27. What are Info-type Sub types?
  28. How do you run SAP HR time evaluation?
  29. How do you handle the absence of employees in SAP system?
  30. How to Create personnel number in SAP HR?
  31. How do you generate form 24Q ?
  32. What is Matchcode W used for in SAP?
  33. How to define Personnel Sub-Area Grouping for Work Schedule
  34. Define Break Schedules
  35. Daily Work Schedules
  36. Define Period Work Schedules
  37. Define Employee Subgroup Groupings
  38. Define Groupings for the Public Holiday Calendar
  39. Set Work Schedule Rules and Work Schedules