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SAP Logon Process | Login to SAP system

SAP Logon

The following training tutorials guides you everything about SAP logon process and how to start the SAP systems step by step.

You can access the SAP Logon screen by two methods.

1. Double clicking the SAP Logon icon from the desktop.It is GUI (Graphic User Interphase) which helps you login to SAP.

sap logon desktop

2. By selecting start menu and click on all programs. Follow the following steps to start SAP from the start menu.

Start >>> All programs >>> SAP  Front End >>> SAP Logon.

sap logon

After selecting SAP Log on, the following Log on screen appears. Click on Log On option on the SAP Logon 720 to logon to SAP system.

SAP Logon 720

The following screen appears to update the logon details.

  1. Client: – Update the client number (e.g 800, 200 etc)
  2. User: – Enter the user id provided by administrator.
  3. Password: – Enter the password provided by administrator, however you can change the password for security purpose. (Note when you are entering password asterisk appears rather than characters)
  4. Language : – To enter language key is optional. Enter the language key that you want to display menus and fields in specific language.

sap logon details

After updating client as 800, user id as adark, and password, press enter button so it will take you SAP Easy Access screen as shown below.

SAP Easy Access

With this SAP easy access screen you can work all activities such as implementation, development, end user activities.