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SAP PS Project Systems Module Tutorial

SAP PS Training

SAP PS (Project Systems) is one of the important modules of ERP SAP system. In present business scenario everything is viewed as project. SAP Project Systems (PS) is an integrated project management tool used for planning and managing projects. It has several tools that enables the project management process such as cost and planning budget, scheduling, requisitioning of materials and services.

SAP Project Systems helps to manage and support all the SAP projects in company”. What exactly SAP PS (Project systems) is for, Project systems is a source to organization for planning, scheduling, collecting and generating revenue and expenditure over a period of project period.

SAP Tutorials

SAP Tutorials

SAP PS has constant access to data in all departments involve in the project and it is integrated with various ERP SAP modules such as finance & controlling module, Material management module, Sales and distribution module, Plant maintenance module, Investment module and Production planning module.

SAP PS Project Systems process flow

SAP PS- SAP Project Systems Process Flow

Refer below SAP PS training tutorials that explain step by step with screen shots in an easy method.

SAP PS Organization Elements

  1. Define Company code
  2. Define Business Area
  3. Define Controlling area
  4. Define profit center
  5. Plant
  6. Create Purchasing organization
  7. Define Purchase group
  8. Storage location

SAP PS Structures

  1. Define Special characters for Project
  2. Define code masking
  3. Create status profile
  4. Define selection profile
  5. Maintain project profile
  6. Maintain settlement profile
  7. Maintain network profiles
  8. Maintain network type
  9. Specify parameters for network type
  10. Specify person responsible for work center
  11. Define sub-network parameters
  12. Maintain activity control key
  13. Maintain milestone usage
  14. Define Field Selections for Work breakdown Structure


  1. Define PS types for PS texts


  1. Create costing variant
  2. Define execution services profile
  3. Create change planning profile


  1. Maintain Budget profile
  2. Create number ranges for budgeting
  3. Define Tolerance limits


  1. Define parameters for WBS scheduling
  2. Specify parameters for network scheduling


  1. Account Assignment Categories and Document Types for Purchase Requisitions

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