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What Is SAP Quality Management (QM Module)

SAP Quality Management

The following training tutorials guides everything about SAP quality management (QM) module and its importance in ERP SAP systems.

SAP Quality management (QM) is one of the important module of SAP that controls the quality of products. While other SAP software’s may be able to run your warehouse efficiently and ensure the flow of goods and services are optimum, they cannot be able to guarantee the quality of the products that you handle. So to maintain quality of the products it better to use SAP quality Management system (QM).

What is SAP Quality Management?

This is an important part of the SAP system that comes with complementary components that are able to cater for management of materials, maintenance of the plant as well as production planning. The SAP Quality Management platform is ideal for use in a warehouse and can be used in inspection of materials as they come into the facility and also for monitoring the manufacturing operations. This allows for the materials that are processed and manufactured in house to be checked before they can be released and reach the warehouse.

SAP Quality management (QM) comes with four primary components that make sure to maintain high quality.

SAP quality management QM components

Inspection plan

This is the component that is tasked with a variety of duties that are related to production planning about how the inspection of the product is done. SAP QM defines, how it is to be inspected, how the inspections should be carried and at the same time the aspects of the item that are to be looked into to ascertain their quality including the tests and equipment that are required to conduct the quality inspection. This ensures that every part of the materials are taken under the respective tests without any one person being tasked with the responsibility of storing all that information or the test procedures.

Quality notification

It is one of the important component of SAP quality management. What if in the middle of production something goes wrong? How would you get to know this? The quality notification component notifies you of any problems that have been identified by customers on products that have been produced by your company as well as those of vendors. That way you’re able to tell where the quality lapse is. The best part is that this component can be adjusted to include new notifications for instance those that might have occurred in the line of production or elsewhere within the company.

Quality Inspection

There are two ways that this can go. Initially, this occurs when someone that is in the quality department takes on the task of inspecting an item. Keep in mind the procedure in this case is determined by the quality inspections plans. The quality inspection can be manual or automatic in which the automatic scenario is instigated by movement of materials that can include goods receipts and goods issues.


All of these components of the SAP Quality Management would not be useful if there was no comprehensive reporting. This system is able to show how many times a certain material has been defective and also defects that were found on the deliveries that were out bound. That way you’re aware of the areas that your company needs to tighten and clean up.

Considering the number of materials that come out of any one company, it would be virtually impossible for you to account for the quality of products that you manufacture. This is why the SAP Quality Management is very important for health business.