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SAP SD Interview Questions

SAP SD Interview Questions (Sales&Distribution)

Here a list of SAP SD interview questions for those who are looking for a new SAP SD Jobs or better SAP job opportunities. Refer below SAP SD interview questions (SAP Sales and Distribution) one by one and get prepared well for job. we ensure 100% success for your interviews after referring below interview questions

  1. What is the SAP landscape?
  2. What is ASAP?
  3. What is Sales and Distribution (SD)
  4. Describe Organizational Structure of SD
  5. What are the organizational elements required for the SD transactions
  6. What are the components of SD?
  7. What is a client?
  8. What is a Company?
  9. What is a Company Code? how to create company code?
  10. What is a Fiscal Year and Fiscal year variant?
  11. How do you maintain Fiscal Year Variant?
  12. What is the transaction code for assigning Company Code to Fiscal Year Variant
  13. What are posting periods?
  14. What is a Field status group?
  15. What is Open and close posting periods?
  16. What is document type?
  17. How do y define document numnber ranges
  18. Why Tolerance groups are to be define in sap?
  19. What is a Plant and how to create a New plant?
  20. what is Division?
  21. How to assign division to sales organization?
  22. what is a Sales Organization?
  23. How do you create sales organisation?
  24. Define sales document types?
  25. How to maintain number ranges for sales document types?
  26. Explain about Distribution Channel?
  27. How to assign distribution channel to sales organisation?
  28. What is a Sales Area, how do you set up sales area?
  29. What is Sales office? How do you set up sales office?
  30. How to create sales group?
  31. How to assign sales group to sales sales office?
  32. What is billing type and how do you define billing types?
  33. What is transfer order?
  34. What is a Shipping Point, Loading Point?
  35. Explain about Customer Master record?
  36. How do you create customer account group?
  37. how do you create customer account number ranges for external assignment?
  38. What is Post Goods Issue (PGI) ?
  39. What is the use of Pricing date in condition type?
  40. What is handling unit in SAP?
  41. What are the configurations steps for PACKING?
  42. Explain how the shipping pint is determined?
  43. how do you integrate Sd with MM,FICO?
  44. What are MRP types?
  45. What is Product attributes in SAP SD?
  46. How is credit control determined in SAP?
  47. what is pricing procedure determination?