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SAP Security Online Training Tutorials

SAP Security Training Tutorials

SAP security is one of the most important technical module where the SAP security administrators are responsible for the development and administration of user rights on SAP systems.

For success and effective functions in every organization, standard SAP security model has to be implemented at all levels. When we are implementing SAP security we have consider some important points.

  • What needs to be protected internal or external treats of organization.
  • From whom it needs to be protected.
  • What actions are to be taken to prevent this treats.
  • When developing security, you must first determine what you wants to be safe.
What is SAP security and SAP Security online training

Free SAP Security Tutorials

Why Security is important

SAP security helps to give only particular access to users to perform their job and restrict unauthorized access. ERP SAP systems is loaded with number of applications to perform day to day business operations in organizations like financial accounting, controlling, sales and distribution, material management, Human resource management and so on. Only employees and business partners get authentication to the SAP system. User using SAP system should only have authorization to the application relevant to their jobs. Read more for what is SAP security

Our free SAP Security training tutorials guides you everything about how to implement security module step by step with real time scenarios.

Introduction to SAP Security

  1. What is SAP
  2. SAP Logon process
  3. What is SAP Security
  4. What is ERP Systems

User Maintenance

  1. User master record in SAP
  2. Objects of user master record
  3. User types in SAP
  4. Create new user account in SAP
  5. Mass user maintenance

Roles Administration

  1. How to create Roles in SAP security
  2. What is derived roles and how to create in SAP
  3. Create Composite Roles in SAP

Manage SAP with high Security

  1. Login profiles Parameters and Password parameters
  2. How to create and change parameters 


  1. What is Authorization
  2. Authorization object and field values
  3. Create Authorization object and Object class

Common tables used in SAP security

  1. Tables of user master record 
  2. AGR tables in SAP

Also read SAP security interview questions and answers that explains with real time scenarios.