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What is SAP Software? Definition of SAP ERP Software

What is SAP Software

SAP Software – SAP acronym for “System Applications and Products in Data Processing”, SAP software is a world largest leading enterprise software of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

SAP ERP Software meets the needs of customers from the small organizations to Multi-National companies SAP is real time data processing in three tier client architecture.

SAP Software Architecture layers

History of SAP software

  • ERP SAP software was founded by five former IBM employees in the year 1972’s.
  • SAP company head quarters are located at the Walldorf, Germany
  • SAP software has been updated to several versions such as SAP R/1, SAP R/2 and SAP R/3.
  • SAP had subsidiaries in many countries and more than 47k customers organization using this SAP software.
  • SAP company is continuously developing their labs around the world like in Germany, China, United States, China, Canada, India, etc.
  • Further SAP company is expanding and developing their products according to the needs of customers.

What is a SAP Software and Why it is required?

What is SAP software – SAP is a world largest software company in the world. It is a business software package that developed to integrates and implement all the areas of business in one system. Let discuss briefly why SAP ERP software is so important and required for the organizations.

  1. SAP integrates all the information in one systems
  2. SAP software helps in reduction of inventory levels and cycle times and helps to increase productivity.
  3. Software enables better planning, scheduling and tracking everything that is performing in an organization.
  4. It wont allows duplicate data so the data can be accurate in the system.
  5. Data is secures and no data or information is accessible by an unauthorized user.
  6. Supports multi currencies and languages.
  7. Completely developed and needs simple customization there by enabling rapid implementation.

With Out ERP SAP Software in the Organization

Let discuss a scenario of Product sales

  • If customer orders for a product, sales team has to approach the inventory department to check the availability of products and if the product is out of stock, then management contact product department for manufacturing the product.
  • Manufacturing department get started to for manufacturing the product, if the raw are not available then the team has to contact vendors and get the raw materials for Production.
  • Manufacturing department get started working and and updates to production team and then they updates to sales team.
  • So this process take lot time and the customer may fed with the sales department and customers may not get stratified with the organization.

Implementation of SAP software in the Organization

  • By implementing SAP, the all the business area can be integrated in one system.
  • When the customer orders for product, the sales department can check in system and communication with other departments.