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SAP Travel Management

SAP Travel Management

The following SAP HR training tutorial guides an overview of travel management in SAP HCM. SAP Travel Management is one of the important sub module of SAP HR, it covers all the activities that related to the travel. The important functions of travel management are planning a trip, book travel tips, settle expenses by payroll or finance and transfer expenditure data to other SAP modules such as controlling, funds management.

SAP Travel Management Integrates with other SAP modules like SAP Financial Accounting & Controlling and SAP human Capital management.

What is SAP travel managementTravel Management Master Data

SAP Travel management covers the following areas.

  1. Travel Request
  2. Travel Planning
  3. Travel Expenses

The following Infotypes are required to book the travel.

  1. 0o01 (Organizational Assignment)
  2. 0002 (Personal Data)
  3. 0006 (Addresses)
  4. 0009 (Bank Details)
  5. 0027 (Cost Assignment)
  6. 0017 (Travel Privileges)

Transaction codes

The important transaction codes that used for the SAP Travel Management

Transaction code Description
TRIPTravel Manager
PR03TRIP Advances
PR05Travel Expense Manager
PRAPApproval of Trips
PRECSettlement of Trip Data
PRRWPosting Run Management
PRAACreate/Change/Block Vendor Master Records from Hr Master Records.