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User Master Record in SAP

User Master Record in SAP

User master record helps to assign the necessary authorizations to the users so that he can execute transactions in SAP systems. It is mainly used in administrative and Authorization management. The following SAP security training tutorials guides about details of use master record.

SAP user contains users id with transaction authorization and all the details of users can be monitor by SAP administrator. User master record contains all the details of users like login session, user rights, passwords and profiles etc.

Components of User master record: –

  • Address: – It contains all the address details of user like personal data, communication details and company address.
  • Logon data: – Here we update the user  type, validity period and cost center.
  • Defaults: – It contains the default start menu, logon language, default printer,data format, time format etc.
  • Parameters: – It contains the default parameters that are assigned to the user
  • Roles: – It is assignment of roles to the user
  • Profiles: – It is assignment of user group to the user, for example SAP provides predefined SAP_ALL for all SAP system authorizations.
  • Personalization: – It is the assignment of personalization to the user id.
  • Licence data: – Here we assign licence data to the user like user access transactions, passwords, authorization profiles etc.

You can get this screen with transaction code “SU01”

User Master Record in SAP

The user can only authorized to log on to SAP system if a user master record with a corresponding passwords exists. Generally the users are defined by one or more roles and they are restricted by the assignment of appropriate authorization to perform their operations.

User master records are client based so you has to maintain your own user record for every client in SAP system. For example if you have two client in ERP SAP system and roles are assigned to a user for a particular client, then the user can perform activities in his client only.

The following SAP objects are to be maintain for user master record.

  • Object S_USER_GRP
  • Object S_USER_PRO
  • Object S_USER_AUTH
  • Object S_USER_AGR
  • Object S_USER_TCD
  • Object S_USER_VAL

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