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What is ABAP Dictionary | Data Dictionary Overview

ABAP Dictionary

ABAP Dictionary is one the best tool of ABAP workbench and it is a central repository for data definitions in SAP system. It is used to store the data definitions, create and maintain user defined types.

ABAP Dictionary provides various tools to edit the SAP screen fields like assigning a field to input help (f4).

ABAP dictionary is a central storage area for the description where we can create the objects and changing, deleting the objects related to data base. The main object type of ABAP dictionary are-

  1. Database tables
  2. View
  3. Data types
  4. Type groups
  5. Help
  6. Domains and
  7. Lock objects.

Database tables: – It helps in create and maintain the tables, table should begin with letter Y or Z and length up to 16 characters.

View : – It act as virtual table and helps in retrieve the data.

Data type: It helps in creating the user defined data elements, structure and tables.

Type group: – It creates the data group types in dictionary

Search help: – It defines the search help (F4) for the fields of database table and helps in providing the values for a user search queries

Domains: – Domain specifies the technical characters of a field such as data type field and length.

Lock objects : – It is used to synchronize the same data by one user or multiple users. SAP provides three types of lock objects- Read lock, write lock, enhanced lock.

SAP ABAP Data Dictionary

ABAP Dictionary used for

  • Design and Maintain database objects
  •   Development of ABAP Program.

How to start ABAP Dictionary screen

What is ABAP Dictionary and Data Dictionary Overview

You open ABAP Dictionary working area by two methods

Enter transaction code “SE11” in SAP command field and press enter.

SAP Menu Path: – SAP Menu >>> Tools >>> ABAP Workbench >> Development >> ABAP Dictionary.

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