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What is SAP HANA | SAP HANA Training Tutorials

What is SAP HANA?

What is SAP HANA: – SAP HANA is a product of SAP Systems and HANA stands for “High performance analytic appliance” in an memory database management which is developed by SAP AG. In present market SAP is one of the world largest ERP software and used by  the largest companies throughout the world.  SAP system allows to store all the information what they need and to perform all the functions like purchase orders, customers data, vendors data, deliveries, manufacturing, stock levels and so on. SAP is an integrated system where data is updated in real-time.

SAP HANA Training Tutorials

SAP Hana History

SAP HANA consists of both developed and acquired technologies like: TREX a search engine, P*TIME an in-memory database based on lines and MaxDB, a relational database. TREX was a developed technology dating back to 1996 within SAP itself. P*TIME was acquired in 2005 together with the company Menlo Park Transact and MaxDB was acquired from Software AG. The collaboration in 2008 between SAP AG, Hasso Plattner Institute and Stanford University showed how new application architecture can work; this new architecture allows for complex analytics and real-time aggregation that is updated with each transaction. This architecture was called “Hasso’s New Architecture” in SAP executive Vishal Sikka’s blog. Therefore this product was called New Database until the name HANA was given to it.

In 2009, development was launched to unite the three technologies (TREX, P*TIME and MaxDB) to provide a product with better correlated features. The product was announced in May 2010 but the first release was announced in November 2010. The product was renamed SAP HANA 1.0 and was first shipped in late November 2010. The product was a small success but the more conservative business customers from the time thought that it needed more time to develop. Hana got more support in November 2011 for another product: SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse. Cloud computing was added in 2012, in October 2012 HANA One was released that uses less resources for an hourly fee.

Another service called SAP enterprise resource planning software from their Business Suite was released for HANA in May 2013. In the same month SAP announced the HANA Enterprise Cloud service.

On May 2014, SAP announced that Vishal Sikka resigned from his position as executive Board Member for Products and Innovation for personal reasons. Sikka’s resignation was effective immediately. Sikka lead the development of HANA, SAP’s technology platform, cloud operations, partnerships, customer co-innovation and development, SAP Ventures and incubation of emerging business. He was also in charge for research and academic and government relations. It is clear that he played an important role in the executive team of the company that steered its vision of reinventing itself as a mobile and cloud platform. In the company many believe Bernd Leukert to be his replacement; his expertise is mainly in applications and he will probably focus more on apps and cloud delivery instead of platforms like IBM, Microsoft and Oracle.

The first quarter of 2014 ended well for SAP, with a 38% increase in their Cloud Subscriptions and Support Revenue. With an annual Cloud Revenue Run Rate approaching 1.1 euro Billion.

What is SAP HANA 

  1. SAP Hana is a memory Computing (memory database),where hana itself is a database, tradition database like oracle, db2, stores the data in disk but hana stores the data in the main memory i.e. RAM.  It is a database system and designed to speed up the database access when reading data and not slow down data insertion.
  2. It runs on multi-core CPUs and ten time faster than current data base systems, as a result performance will be very high.
  3. SAP Hana is a multi-engine query  that supports all the graphic data and text data in SAP system. Hana is a database that can be installed on ram as well as and also having capability of connecting to the different  interfaces.

What is SAP HANA Architecture

The database is developed in C++ and runs on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The database itself consists of multiple servers, below is an overview.

SAP HANA Architecture

Purpose of SAP HANA

SAP HANA is a data base and supposed to load terabytes (TB) data, this terabytes of data can be analytic’s data or transactions data in to the main memory and do analysis memory data in possible time. Hana is in memory data that performs speed transaction and fast analytic based on data where the data is store in the main memory.

SAP HANA Components: – SAP provides the following components.

  1. SAP HANA DB: – It is in memory database and called as sap hana data base.
  2. SAP Hana Studio: – It refers to modelling tools offered by SAP to model the data or hana data base.
  3. SAP HANA Appliance: – It refers to the hana data base, studio and other tools delivered as appliance.
  4. SAP HANA Application Cloud: – SAP HANA is also available on cloud based infrastructure is known as hana application cloud.

It is a platform designed for data storage and data analytics, HANA is a in memory speed produces results quickly and giving users real time answers.Improves it efficiency by managing growing data and reduces costs. So SAP HANA is enabling faster, better decision making.

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