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SAP Netweaver

What is SAP Netweaver?

SAP Netweaver is SAP’s proprietary  platform that supports all SAP applications such as ERP, CRM and so on. When you say that you work on SAP, you mean to say that you are working on SAP Netweaver. SAP Netweaver is your platform for every single thing that you work on when you use the SAP system.

SAP Netweaver also provides usage types for analytics tools such as SAP BW, BI PI and integration platforms such as the Portal.  SAP Netweaver integrates every SAP analytics tool such as BI with the rest of the SAP system, making the data from the all the SAP modules accessible to the user.

Here is a list of the various SAP modules that are integrated by the SAP Netweaver:

  1. SAP FI (Financial Accounting)
  2. SAP CO (Controlling)
  3. SAP PS (Project Systems)
  4. SAP HR (Human Resources Management)
  5. SAP SD (Sales & Distribution)
  6. SAP PP (Production Planning)
  7. SAP MM (Materials Management )
  8. SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)
  9. SAP QM (Quality Management)
  10. SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming)
  11. SAP BW (Business Warehouse)
  12. SAP BI (Business Information)
  13. SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management)
  14. SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  15. SAP  QM (Quality Management)
  16. SAP Basis Administration
  17. SAP Cross Application Components

Things to be kept in mind while using SAP Netweaver:

  1. What is the usage type  used?
  2. Is it going to be a standalone system (a separate SID)?
  3. Is it going to be based on an ABAP stack or Java?

What is SAP Netweaver.

SAP Netweaver can operate independently for several other purposes associated with SAP, such as SAP ABAP or J2Ee, SAP Basis (for email, fax and ccms, for instance) and acts as a platform for specific add-ons , such as LVM, GRC, ILM, ADS, etc.

What makes the SAP Netweaver so useful is that it runs both JAVA (or J2EE) as well as ABAP, completely independently of each other, and even together when required – such as in the case of Solution Manager and PI.

SAP Netweaver Releases:

The various releases of SAP Netweaver are NW 7.0 or NW 7.0 EHP1 or NW 7.3. While using SAP Netweaver, you should keep in mind that no all applications run on all SAP Netweaver versions :  ERP 6.0 EHPx runs only on NW 7.0 EHPx , has not yet been released for NW 7.3 EHPx;  NW 7.1 has been released only for certain usage types such as PI, Portal or BW

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