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SAP Shortcut Keys

SAP Shortcut Keys

Here a list of Keyboard SAP Shortcut keys which are used to access icon button functions while working in SAP

SAP Shortcut Key Description
Ctrl+ + To Open a new window
Enter Key Enter/Continue
Ctrl+S Save
F12 Cancel
Ctrl + F Find
Ctrl+G Find next
F3 Back
Shft + F3 System logg off
Ctrl +P Print
Ctrl + G Continue Search
F1 Help
Ctrl + Page Up Go to First Page
Page Up Go to Previous Page
Page Down Go to Next page
Ctrl+Page down Go to Last Page
Ctrl + N Create new session
Ctrl+Shft+F6 Add T-Code to favorites
Ctrl+F10 User menu
Ctrl+F11 SAP menu

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