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Define Condition Tables for pricing in SAP

Define Condition Tables

Standard condition tables for pricing are defined in the SAP system, if standards not available user defined condition tables are created either by copying nearest available standard condition table and modifying it or creating entirely new table.

SAP IMG Path: – SPRO >> SAP Reference IMG (F5) >> Sales and Distribution >> Basic Functions >> Pricing >> Pricing Control >> Define Condition Tables

Transaction Code: – V/03

define condition table path

The following are the standard condition tables configured in SAP.

TabShort Description
304Material with release status
305Customer/material with release status
359Plant/Matl group

In next screen, choose create condition table to create new tables

define condition table

Update the following fields

  • Enter condition table in the table field
  • Enter existing condition table to copy from condition

Define Condition Tables for pricing in SAP

After copying the data, modifying the table as per your business requirements.