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Define Condition Type for pricing in SAP

Define Condition Type for pricing

SAP IMG Path: – SPRO > SAP Reference IMG > Sales and Distribution > Basic Functions > Pricing > Pricing Control > Define Condition Types

Transaction code: – V/06

On choose activity screen, select “Maintain condition type

choose activity maintain condition type

You can define new condition type by copying existing condition types or you can create new entries by selecting new entries

Click on position button and choose condition type from the position button and click on copy as icon

condition types copy

Define Condition type as per Business requirement. Rename the condition type

Define Condition Type for pricing in SAP

1. Control data 1: – Under condition data 1, enter the following data

  • Condition class: (e.g. A- Discount or surcharge, B- Prices, E- Expense reimbursement, D- Taxes etc.)
  • Condition type: (e.g. A- Percentage, B- Fixed amount, C- quantity, G- Formula etc)
  • Condition category: (e.g. tax, basic price, freight, cost etc)
  • Rounding rule: (example. commercial, round down, round up)
  • Structure condition: (e.g. condition to be duplicated, cumulation condition)
  • Plus/minus: (e.g. positive, negative or both)

condition data one

2. Group condition: In group condition section enter the following data.

  • Group condition: (Group cond indicates the system calculates the basis for the value more than one item in a document)
  • RoundDiffComp: (The system controls the rounding difference comparison)
  • Group condition routine: (Specify the routine to the group condition type)

Group condition

Changes which can be made section:

changes which can be made section

Master data section:

master data

Scales section

scales section

Control data 2 section:

control data 2

After maintaining all the required data, click  on save icon to save the data.