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Define Investment Profiles in SAP

Investment profiles

The following SAP training tutorials guides you how to create investment profiles in SAP step by step. You can define investment profile by using the following navigation method.

  • IMG path: – SPRO > IMG (F5) > Investment management > investment orders > Master data > Define investment profiles
  • Transaction code: – OITA

Step 1: – Enter transaction code “OITA” in the SAP command field and press enter.

Transaction code OITA

Step 2: –  On the investment profile overview screen, a list of defined investment profiles are displayed. Click on new entries button to create a new investment profile.

investment profile overview screen

Step 3: – On the new investment profile entries screen, update the following fields.

  1. Investment profile: – Enter New Id (you can enter up to six character alpha numeric) and its description to identify the investment profile in SAP.
  2. Manage AuC: – If this option is selected, the system determines the one asset under construction for each assigned measure.
  3. AuC per source structure/assignment: – If this option is selected, the system determines the asset under construction (AuC) to be settle based on cost element origin assignment.
  4. Investment measure asset class: – Update the asset class of the asset under construction that you want to be created automatically.
  5. Fixed asset class: – If this option is selected, the user will not have authorization to change the asset class during AuC creation. If this option is not selected the user can select their own asset class.
  6. Settlement: – The systems provides two types of settlements for investment orders i.e summary break down and line item settlement and list of origins.
  7. Simulated asset class: –  Update the default asset class that the system can use the class during simulation.
  8. Fixed default class: – If this field is selected, the user will not change the asset class investment measure creation.
  9. Ident.valuation: – The system allows to allocate planned depreciation costs arrived from cost centers, asset classes and start up dates.
  10. Types of distribution rules: – Select the appropriate distribution rule as per your requirements.
  11. Comparison value for amount distribution: – Select the appropriate field, here we selected overall plan valuation.

Define Investment Profiles SAP

After maintaining all the mandatory fields as per your organization requirements, click on save button to save the data.