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Define New Condition types for Taxes

Condition types for Taxes

Standard SAP provides you condition types which are defined in the SAP System. You can create new customized condition types as per your business requirements.

SAP IMG Path: – SPRO > SAP Reference IMG (F5) > Financial Accounting > Financial Accounting Global Settings > Tax on Sales/Purchases > Basic Settings > Check Calculation Procedure > Define Condition types
Transaction Code: – OBYZ

Step 1: – Click on condition type

Define Condition types for Taxes

Next change view “condition: condition types” overview screen, click on new entries to define new condition types

condition types for tax entries

Step 2: – Enter the following fields

  • Maintain the condition class 
  • Maintain the calculation type
  • Maintain access sequence for the tax condition type
  • Select the condition category
  • Select the group condition if it is applicable
  • Update the fields “Changes which can be made”

condition types for tax

After maintain the data, click on save icon to save the configured data. Successfully you defined new condition types for taxes.

Similarly create new condition types for CST, VAT, Service taxes, Excise duties etc. After creating new condition types, assign to tax procedure.

click on “define procedures” and in next screen select tax procedure and double click on control data.

tax procedures

Choose “New entries” and update the following fields .

  1. Enter step number
  2. Enter condition type key
  3. Enter the from number (tax to be calculate from step#)
  4. Select account key( input tax, output tax etc.)

tax procedures assignments

Choose save icon to save the configured data.