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SAP General Ledger Transaction Codes List | GL T Codes SAP FICO

General Ledger Transaction Codes in SAP

T- Code 


FB50Enter GL Account Document
FB50LEnter G/L Account Document for Ledger Group
F-01Enter Sample Document
F-02Enter GL Account Posting
F-03Clear G/L Account
FB01LGeneral Posting for Ledger Group
FV50Park G/L Account Document
FV50LPark G/L Account Document for Ledger Group
F-65General Document Parking
FB02Change Document
FB09Change Document line items
FB03Display Document
FB03LDisplay Document in General Ledger View
FB04Display Document Changes
FB08Individual Document Reversal
FB12Request Correspondence
F.64Maintain Request Correspondence
FBRAReset Cleared Items
F-04General Document Post with Clearing
F-06Post Incoming Payments
F-07Post Outgoing Payments
FBCJCash journal Posting
F-05Post Foreign Currency Valuation
FKMTAccount Assignment Model
FBD1Enter Recurring Document
FBD2Change Recurring Document
FBD3Display Recurring Document
FBD4Display Recurring Document Changes
F.56Delete Recurring Document
FBV0Post Parked Documents
FV50Park G/L Account Document
FV50LPark G/L Account Document for Ledger Group
FBV2Change Parked Documents
FBV3Display Parked Documents
FBV4Change Parked Document Header
FBV5Display Parked Document Changes
FBV6Reject Parked Document
FBM1Enter Sample Document
FBM2Change Sample Document
FBM3Display Sample Document
FBM4Display Sample Document Changes
F.57Delete Sample Document
FBU2Change Cross Company code Document
FBU3Display Cross Company code Document
FBU8Delete Cross Company code Document
F.80 Mass Documents Reversal 
FBL3N G/L Account Line Item Display 
FAGLB03 G/L Account Balance Display 
FAGLL03 G/L Account Line Item Balance Display 
FS10NG/L Account Balance Display 
FB1SL Clear G/L Account
FB05L Enter G/L Account Document for Ledger Group 
FS00 Create G/L Account Centrally 
FSP0  Create G/L Account Chart of Accounts
FSS0 Create G/L Account Company Code 
FS04 Central G/L Account Changes 
FSM1Create Sample G/L Account
FSM2Change Sample G/L Account
FSM3Display Sample G/L Account
FSM4Display Changes Sample G/L Account
FSM5Delete Sample G/L Account
FSP4 G/L Account Changes in Chart of Accounts
FSS4 G/L Account Changes in Company Code 
FS15 Copy G/L Account Master Data 
FS16 Copy G/L Account Master Data in Target Company Code
OKKS Set Controlling Area 
KE51 Create Profit Center
KE52 Change Profit Center
KE53 Display Profit Center 
KE54 Delete Profit Center 
6KEA Display Profit Center Changes 
KE55 Profit Center Mass Maintenance
KE56 Assignment of Profit Centers to Company Codes 
KCH1 Create Profit Center Group 
KCH2Change Profit Center Group
KCH3Display Profit Center Group
F.52GL Account Balance Interest Calculation 
F.03 Reconciliation
FB07Control Totals 

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