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How to Create Account Group in SAP

This Tutorial guides you how to Create account group in SAP FICO step by step with screen shots. You can create new accounts group as per customer requirement.

Define Account Group :– Chart of accounts contains different types of accounts, In order to manage and control a large number of G/L accounts better in SAP, they are arranged in account groups. Account group must be specify while creating the G/L account

Account Group Determines :-

  • The interval in which the GL account number must be defined.
  • Creation of the GL codes depends upon specified number range that is assigned to the account group in sap
  • Which fields are required and optional entries when creating and changing master records
  • Which fields are suppressed when creating and changing master data

Here we are configuring the following account groups

COAAccount groupNameFrom accountTo account
ADARSCPLShare Capital100000119999
ADARRSPLReserves & Surplus120000129999
ADARACDNCurrent Liabilities and Provisions130000139999
ADARSCLNSecured Loans140000149999
ADARUNLNUnsecured loan150000159999
ADARACDPAccumulated Depreciation160000169999
ADARFAACFixed Asset Accounts170000179999
ADARCUASCurrent Assets 180000189999
ADARLOADLoans and Avances190000199999
ADARSALESales & Operating Revenues200000219999
ADAROTINOther Income220000229999
ADARINCRIncrease / Decrease in stocks 230000239999
ADARRMCORaw material consumption240000249999
ADARPREXPersonnel  Expenditure250000259999
ADARMFEXManufacturing Expenses260000269999
ADARADMNAdministration Expenses270000279999
ADARINTXIncome Tax Expenses300000319999


Steps to Define Accounts group in SAP :-

T Code for Define Account Group :- OBD4

IMG Menu Path :-  SAP Implementation Guide > Financial accounting –> G/L Accounting –> GL Accounts –> Master Data–> Preparations –> Define Account Groups

Step 1 :– Enter T Code SPRO in the SAP Command field

How to Create Account Group in SAP


Step 2 :- Select SAP Reference IMG


Step 3 :- Next Screen follow the menu path for define account group in SAP

 Create Account Group in SAP Path


Step 4 :- Select New entries to create new G/L  account groups



Step 5 :- Update the following fields and press enter from Key board.

Chrts/Accts :-  Enter Charts of Account Key

Acct Group :- Enter the Account group 

Name :- Update the of account group

From Acct :– Enter from account number i.e starting account number of account group in SAP

To Account :- Enter to account number i.e end of account number of Account group in SAP

How to Create Account Group in SAP


Step 6 :-  After Updating the data save the data by clicking save icon

How to Create Account Group in SAP

Thus Account groups are successfully configured in SAP