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How to Create Data Element in SAP ABAP Dictionary

Create Data Element in SAP

The following training tutorials guides how to create data element in SAP ABAP dictionary step by step. Read more for what is data element in SAP and what are the types of data elements. You can create data element by using the following methods.

  • Transaction code: – SE11
  • SAP Menu Path: – SAP Menu -> Tools -> ABAP Workbench -> Development -> SE11 – ABAP Dictionary

create data elements path

Step 1: – Enter transaction code “SE11” in the SAP command field and press enter from keyboard.

SE11 Transaction code

Step 2: – On the initial screen ABAP Dictionary update the following fields,

  1. Select data type button
  2. Enter the name of the data element that you wants to create.
  3. Click on create button to create new data element.

Create data element in SAP

Step 3: – Dialog box opens with three options i.e Data element, Structure and table type. As we are creating data element, select data element radio button and press enter.

create Zdata element

Step 4: –  On the screen Maintain data element in SAP, update the following fields.

  • Short description: – update the short descriptive name of the data element.
  • Select predefined radio button and update  data type, length fields.

change data element

Step 5: – Text information is updated in field label tab, click on field label and update the following information,

  • Enter the field label name and desire length. Here we updated length as “30” and field label as “employee name”

dictionary change data element field label

Step 7: – Click on save button (ctrl+s) to save the configured data element in a package. You get a message as “ZDATA_ELEMENT_EMP saved.

Then Select Goto >> Documentation >> Change

document change

Step 8: – On the screen change data element: ZDATA_ELEMENT_EMP Language En, update the documentation related to data element under Definitions, uses, dependencies and examples.

change z data element

After updating documentation, click on save active to save that data.

save active

Click on F3 to go back to data element screen, then click on check screen (ctrl+f2) and click on the active icon (ctrl+f3).

Successfully data element in SAP ABAP Dictionary is created.

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