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How to create database table in SAP ABAP

Database table in SAP

The following training tutorials guides how to create database table in SAP ABAP step by step. You can create database tables in SAP by using one of the following method.

  1. Transaction code: – SE11
  2. SAP Menu Path: – SAP Menu -> Tools -> ABAP Workbench -> Development -> SE11-ABAP Dictionary.

create data elements path

Step 1: – Enter transaction code “SE11” in the SAP command field and press enter to continue.

SE11 Transaction code

Step 2: – On the initial screen, select the database table option and enter the name of the database table that you want to be created. After updating name click on create button. Here we are creating ZTEST_EMP table.

create database table

Step 3:On the next screen, update the following data. By default delivery and maintenance tab is selected.

  1. Update the short description of the database table.
  2. Update the delivery class from the list, you can get the list be clicking the search option (F4).
  3. Select the display/maintenance allowed from the drop down list.

How to create database table in SAP ABAP

Step 4: – Select field tab and update the following data.

  • Update the field name in the field column (16 characters)
  • Select the key option if you want the field as table key.
  • Update the data element key from the list.

database table in SAP ABAP

Click on save button to save the configured data. You get a message as ZTEST_EMP saved.

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