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How to create new cost center in SAP

Create new cost center in SAP

SAP Menu Path :-  Accounting > Controlling > Cost center accounting > Master data > Cost center > Individual processing > create

Transaction Code : – KS01

Step 1 :-  Enter transaction code KS01and press enter


Step 2 : – Update the following data

Cost center : – Enter cost center key

Valid from : – Update the valid period of the cost center from period to period.

create cost center

Step 3 : – In next screen update the following the required data.

Name : –  Give the name of cost center

Description :- Update the description of cost center

Person responsible : –  Enter the user id of responsible 

Cost center category : –  select appropriate cost center category from the list. 

Hierarchy area :  Enter the hierarchy area code

Business area : – Enter the business area code

Currency : – Update the currency key

How to create new cost center in SAP

Select save button or Ctrl+S to save the configured data. You have created the new cost center.