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How to Create profit Center in SAP

Procedure to create profit center in SAP

SAP R/3 Menu Path :- Accounting > Controlling > Profit Center Accounting > Master data > Profit Center > Individual Processing > Create

Transaction Code :– KE51

Step 1 : – Enter transaction code KE51 in the SAP command field and press enter

How to Create profit Center in SAP- ke51

System will ask controlling area, enter controlling area code and press enter

set controlling area

Step 2 :- Enter the following data

Enter the name of the profit center which you want to create

Copy from means if you want to copy a profit center as reference,  enter that profit center

Enter controlling area (CO area)

Create profit center

Step 3 : – Update the following data

Analysis Period : – Update analysis from period to period

Name : – Enter the name of profit center

Long text : – Long description of profit center

Profit center group : – Update the profit center group

Person respons : –  Enter the responsible persons user id

How to Create profit Center in SAP

Choose active – Profit center > Activate (Shift +F1). Successfully you have created profit center  .